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Contact Tracers

As our frontline care teams work tirelessly to respond and treat those affected by COVID-19, a comprehensive system is needed to help identify and trace contacts of each identified case. ScribeAmerica is the recognized leader in medical scribe and care team assistant training and management, and is drawing on that unique experience to mobilize a national workforce of Contact Tracers. Our regional infrastructure, and mobile TeleHealth network allows us to effectively recruit, train and expand a Contact Tracer workforce to address the current pandemic.


Extensive Healthcare Experience: Unlike many contact tracing recruits, we have an extensive background in training medical pre-professionals who are experienced in patient confidentiality, medical terminology and other key traits needed for successful contact tracing.
Customized to Your Needs: With a workforce of over 25,000 employees across the U.S., we can train and deploy Contact Tracers immediately, while designing a program to fit your local, distinct needs. We understand one size does not fit all, and our established infrastructure allows us to tailor your program accordingly.
Effective Patient Engagement: As part of the tracing process, Contact Tracers must be resourceful yet sensitive in their interviews with patients. As our team regularly works within care teams, ScribeAmerica Contact Tracers are specially trained in effective patient engagement.

Nationwide TeleHealth Infrastructure: ScribeAmerica has a dedicated TeleHealth division that allows our team members to work remotely across the U.S. This allows us to expand capacity while having an understanding of local and regional characteristics.

Why ScribeAmerica

According to the CDC, an effective Contact Tracing effort is a specialized skill that requires people with the proper training, access and experience to effectively communicate with patients and their contacts. ScribeAmerica has nearly twenty years of experience deploying workforces that can meet these needs. Here is our approach:

ScribeAmerica deploys 25,000 Medical Scribes and Care Team Assistants (CTAs) to 3,500 partners across the U.S. That nationwide effort begins with a specialized recruitment team headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a team of localized regional recruiters. This network allows us to draw on existing resources, and expand capacity immediately.

From medical scribes to care navigators, we have developed extensive training programs that prepare healthcare pre-professionals to effectively work within care teams and engage with patients. Our training program covers HIPAA policies, medical terminology, and other key skills needed for effective contact tracing.

Successful contact tracing requires a unique set of patient engagement skills. With a background in care navigation programs, ScribeAmerica has proven strategies for engaging and educating patients. Contact Tracers skillfully interview patients to determine possible contact, review care instructions, and refer individuals to proper resources when needed.

A Full Turn-Key Service

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that demands an effective, speedy response. Proper contact tracing not only means effective engagement, but reducing the time spent on recruitment and training. ScribeAmerica’s full-turn key approach, and extensive experience in the healthcare industry can help local and state agencies effectively identify and address exposure to COVID-19. Contact our Client Solutions team to learn more.

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A Full Turn-Key Service