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Improve the Patient Experience

Healthcare in America is becoming more consumer focused than ever, with more choices securely placed in patients’ hands. As patient satisfaction surveys and rating systems directly impact revenue, the onus has traditionally been placed on providers to keep patients content and in network.

Drive engagement for better health outcomes

At HealthChannels we partner with leading organizations to ensure patients play an integral role in their care. Through our solutions, care teams seamlessly deliver critical information and monitor care plan adherence. When you improve the clerical side of healthcare, amazing things happen to the clinical components. Patient wait times go down, satisfaction goes up and overburdened physicians rediscover the joy of practicing at the tops of their medical licenses.
HealthChannels exists to help organizations of all sizes accomplish all of this and more. From hospitals and emergency departments to private practices and rural healthcare systems, our three channels—ScribeAmerica, CareThrough, and SoundLines—facilitate better patient experiences through cutting-edge solutions.
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  • Trains highly-skilled medical scribes to manage EMR documentation and related tasks, allowing doctors to return to their patients’ bedsides unfettered by ancillary duties
  • Removes technology barriers between patient and provider
  • Provides point-of-service patient engagement tools to benchmark, assess and improve the experience from appointment bookings to visits and beyond