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Medical Scribes

Reduce the daily administrative burdens preventing care teams from operating efficiently. Our medical scribes and CTAs are mission-critical for the health systems we serve. With embedded support within your care team, improve productivity, documentation accuracy, and drive reimbursement. We’ve revolutionized how medical scribes and CTAs support providers and improve the quality of care.

Scribes and Care Team Assistants transform work-flows to meet daily challenges.

ScribeAmerica, a HealthChannels company, remains the nation’s largest and most frequently used medical scribe company. For nearly two decades, our medical scribes have spared thousands of physicians across the nation from the tedious work of digital documentation—all while helping practices earn prestigious Press Ganey Summit and Stuart Fleming Patient Safety awards. Medical Scribes and CTAs are trained to alleviate up to 85% of a healthcare provider’s administrative responsibilities, thereby enhancing provider productivity.
Through continual innovation in how medical scribes support care teams, we’ve added ancillary tasks and next-generation technology to empower medical scribes to be game-changers for the practices we serve. Our scribe programs have paved the way for a new model—one where providers can comfortably step away from computer screens to have more meaningful patient interactions.
Highly-skilled scribes remove technology barriers between patient and provider
Reduced care team burnout with ancillary support
Improve provider efficiency to see more patients and deliver quality care

How it Works

A HealthChannels we design tailored roadmaps to success for care teams to work better, and more efficiently.

Scribes are available for around-the-clock coverage and are trained to:

  • Document to the Highest Level of Specificity
  • Request Provider Feedback for Chart Approval
  • Assist with Comfort Rounding
  • Work with Nursing Staff to Prepare Discharge Information

With a medical scribe embedded within the care team, you will reduce inefficient documentation and improve clinical data capture for accurate billing.

  • Capture information at the point of care.
  • Identify unique patients for specialized care.

Our process ensures scribes are ready for the non-stop ED environment.

  • Step 1: Demanding classroom training
  • Step 2: Training Shift with senior level scribes
  • Step 3: Continuous and Regular Reassessment
Through our national presence and regional leadership structure, we recruit the most talented and eager personnel with a passion for the job, and teach them to document the HealthChannels way. Once enrolled in our training, they learn skills and practices that will ensure high-quality charting and efficiency. With our workforce providing support, your practice will reap the benefits of improved throughput, more accurate documentation capture, and proven cost savings.