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Nurse Care Team Assistants

Transform nursing teams with an entirely new care delivery model. Historically, physicians have relied on scribes to reduce the administrative burden that leads to burnout. Now it's time for nurses to have reliable, comprehensive support. As the nursing profession experiences an alarming shortage, our Nurse Care Team Assistant, or CTA, program closes the gaps, boosts job satisfaction, decreases burnout, and improves patient satisfaction and outcomes of care.

Discover a new way to optimize nurse work-flows

Each day, nurses on the frontlines at hospitals nationwide deliver medical services that are integral to patient wellness. Working collaboratively within care teams, nurses represent the critical link between patients and providers. While provider burnout makes headlines, nurses struggle to manage long hours, and heavy workloads. The undeniable link between nursing care and patient well-being calls for a paradigm shift.
That’s why we’ve modernized the role of the medical scribe to assist nurses with patient rounding, post-op monitoring and more. Powered by data from the leader in medical scribe support, our Nurse CTAs improve care team work-flows by relieving nurses of tedious clerical duties. Our Nurse CTAs improve care team work-flows and relieve nurses of tedious clerical duties so that they can focus on patient care.

Leverage Nurse Care Team Assistants to address:

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Recruitment and retention challenges
Perform tasks under the direction of the RN (vital signs, repositioning, blood glucometer checks)
Expand the capacity to treat patients
Enhance clinical competency and patient outcomes
Allow nurses to work top-of-license

How It Works

Bridge the gaps in the nursing process with Nurse CTAs. Our innovative solution pairs nurses with CTAs to assist with patient care delivery and documentation.

Our detail-oriented team conducts a nurse work-flow analysis.

  • Utilize data and metrics to define focus areas
  • Address complex work-flow challenges
  • Develop program scope

Across regions and specialties, we’ll develop a CTA recruiting strategy.

  • Recruit and train for site-specific needs
  • Maintain schedules and rotations
  • Develop a plan to reduce nurse overtime hours

Prioritize Data Analytics

  • Track metrics to ensure program success
  • Measure efficiency gains
  • Assess patient satisfaction
Nurses today manage a wide variety of tasks while delivering critical and compassionate care. With burnout and turnover at alarming rates, health systems looking to improve retention and patient care can depend on Nurse CTAs to fill in the gaps to alleviate the strain on overburdened nurses. Through CareThrough, we're solving the challenges nurses face with customizable CTA programs across specialties.