The Next Generation of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

You’ve tried everything: The latest software, the best consultant, the newest training tools, the most massive spreadsheets…and yet your practice still struggles to meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare industry. Clinical care and clerical processes continue to operate in silos, software remains cumbersome and nothing seems to integrate. Worst of all, it’s not just your physicians’ time and energy that’s at stake—something as simple as losing one piece of compliance documentation in the shuffle has potential to turn into tens of millions in lost revenue over time.

Now you can get back on track and free your staff from costly, inefficient processes with QueueLogix. Thousands of providers—ones just like yours—have discovered an entirely new method for uniting clinical delivery with back-office systems. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; our software and services allow you to leverage existing relationships in ways that eliminate friction and get everyone on the same channel.

Transact easily. Connect meaningfully. Trigger the right actions.

Imagine an environment where physicians’ time with patients expands rather than shrinks, where coding happens in real time instead of days after discharge and where accurate billing takes minutes instead of hours.

You’ve just pictured a practice powered by QueueLogix.

Many of today’s medical back-office systems are unnecessarily cumbersome, inefficient and costly. Our SaaS platform allows you to meet these problems head on. Smart logic transforms the disarray of disparate technologies into a real-time queue for coding, billing and other mission-critical activities. Coding experts and clinical staff are connected in a highly orchestrated digital environment through intuitive software that’s fast, accurate and easy to use.

  • Transact easily: Automate complex back-office business processes with email alerts, real-time analytics and custom reporting.
  • Connect meaningfully: Intuitive software equips all stakeholders—from coding experts to scribes—with instantaneous collaboration capabilities for greater transparency and faster decisions.
  • Trigger the right actions: Instantly identify coding anomalies and absences to increase accuracy, reduce billing cycles, decrease costs and improve revenue opportunities.

An Optimized Revenue Cycle Starts with QueueLogix.

Our outsourced suite of solutions exists to maximize your revenue, streamline your workflow and, most importantly, empower your medical staff to focus on caring and curing—instead of clicking. With more than 25,000 employees across America, you can count on our dedicated specialists to capture the right code every time—all the time.

Click less. Care more. Get started today by visiting queuelogix.com.