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Reduce the Cost of Care

HealthChannels is home to three distinct channels unified by one critical mission: support providers with processes that make it easy to maximize revenue cycles and maintain the highest quality of care possible. ScribeAmerica empowers practices to increase patient satisfaction and decrease the total cost of care.

Lessen persistent cost drivers for improved ROI.

At the national level, healthcare costs continue to skyrocket with labor among the highest expenses for health systems. Provider burnout due to the burden of administrative duties is among the countless drivers of costs affecting healthcare systems. With highly-skilled support embedded within care teams, reduce costly overtime hours while improving the documentation quality for faster reimbursement.
The HealthChannels suite of solutions enables health systems to assess the impact of care team productivity and revenue-cycle management procedures. As more and more costs make their way to the patient, we've developed tools to quickly engage patients regarding their self-pay responsibility in a method that reduces spend on lengthy mail processes. Our solutions save health systems time and revenue.
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Visit each of our verticals to learn how HealthChannels can help reduce spend and improve revenue.
Medical Scribes
  • Increases physician productivity through greater time, attention and focus on patients
  • Supports increased volumes by removing the burden of documenting into the EMR
  • Minimizes billing errors through real-time connections to back-office medical coders
Navigation Services
  • Decreases readmission rates through support for integrated discharge planning, patient follow-up and care management activities
  • Improves patient engagement by supporting integrated care coordination and educating care teams
  • Identifies high-risk patients by targeting gaps in the closure of care
TeleHealth and Ambient Assistants
  • Flexible medical scribe services over a landline or mobile phone
  • An affordable way to introduce ScribeAmerica's remote, domestic-based scribes to your practice
  • Secure, reliable documentation over first-hand account of the provider and patient interaction over a HIPAA-compliant connection