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Referral Management

The traditional patient referral process results in more work for already burdened physicians, and poor patient experience. This inefficiency results in lost revenues for health systems seeking to keep patients satisfied and within their network. Our solutions allow the patient to have a hassle-free experience in getting to the right provider to receive quality care.

Minimize the Number of Patients Referred Out of Network.

Siloed and ineffective communication between clinical teams during the referral process impacts health systems and risk-bearing networks to the tune of millions of dollars in lost annual revenue. Our interactive communication tool leads to better compliance with follow-up appointments to ensure quality throughout the care continuum by keeping patients within the appropriate network of care.
With real-time, in-app communication, care teams can view provider availability and schedule the appointment before the patient leaves the clinical setting. Studies show that patients are 60% more likely to make their referred appointment if it is scheduled in the clinical setting. With a strong focus on point-of-care referral management, your patients will benefit from hassle-free referrals, ensuring a more pleasant experience and less work for providers.
Improved Revenue: Increases physician engagement and revenues.
Patient Access: Increases patient access to targeted in-network doctors.
Care Coordination: Improves care coordination, including clinical data sharing, to improve patient outcomes.

How It Works

Our platform supports major healthcare organizations, clinics, physician groups and the at-risk payer networks in which they participate. Referrals at the point-of-care leads to enormous benefits for providers and their patients.

With our in-office referral platform, check availability and accepted insurance before scheduling with a specialist. Providers keep more referrals in-network while delivering a more pleasant experience for patients.

Before the scheduled follow-up appointment, Navigators send a reminder to patients promoting increased compliance. With HealthChannels, overburdened care teams have the ability to schedule quick and efficient referrals.

Our solutions balance all aspects of the referral workflow to meet the needs of patients, providers, and payers across a variety of networks and EMR systems. With next-generation technology, we deliver on network integrity and quality care goals.