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Shift to Value

As the healthcare landscape rapidly evolves, previous fee-for-service models are being replaced with value based frameworks. Providers, once reimbursed for how many patients seen, are now tasked with documenting how well they care for their patients. 

With this shift from volume to value, care delivery and decision making have taken a turn towards patient preferences. Encounters at the point-of-care alone are no longer the main focus, instead, hospital systems are required to review the entire patient cycle, from the moment an appointment is scheduled, to discharge and beyond. 

The shift benefits patients and providers alike. Although launching a value-based care framework can be daunting, leading health systems have partnered with HealthChannels to develop 360 degree solutions to improve performance on the metrics that matter. While provider burnout remains an epidemic, an analysis of the entire care team workflow leads to opportunities for optimization that in turn, support top-of-license performance and better care delivery. 

From documentation burdens to long shifts due to staffing shortages, care teams often lack the bandwidth to produce measurable results on value-based goals. Managing the transition from fee-to-service doesn’t have to be complicated, or costly. At HealthChannels we provide data-driven solutions to demonstrate the levels of care for accurate reimbursement. CareThrough AI Chatbots allows care teams to communicate directly with patients via text messaging. From directions to the facility to payment options. Artificial Intelligence in the clinical setting not only builds value-based capabilities, but also drives down costs.  

With patients, providers and care teams working together across the care continuum, health systems can personalize care for the populations they serve. Transforming health systems takes identifying gaps in care and our strategists support thousands of health systems address their concerns and develop next-generation solutions. Whether a TeleScribe program fits the unique challenges of your practice or the addition of an on-site Care Team Assistant would drive results, connect with HealthChannels for continuous guidance and unparalleled support.