Reduce Cost of Care

HealthChannels is home to three distinct companies unified by one critical mission: support providers with processes that make it easy to maximize revenue cycles while simultaneously maintaining the highest quality of care possible. ScribeAmerica, CareThrough and QueueLogix empower practices to increase patient satisfaction and decrease the total cost of care.


  • Increases physician productivity through greater time, attention and focus on patients
  • Supports increased volumes by removing the burden of documenting into the EMR
  • Minimizes billing errors through real-time connections to back-office medical coders


  • Decreases readmission rates through support for integrated discharge planning, patient follow-up and care management activities
  • Improves patient engagement by supporting integrated care coordination and educating care teams
  • Identifies high-risk patients by targeting gaps in the closure of care


  • Alleviates error-prone charting and billing process by connecting back-office coders to frontline medical scribes
  • Offers an intuitive, easy-to-use executive dashboard for mission-critical alerts and notifications
  • Automates the process of combing through billing data for demographic reports and to target high-risk patient populations

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