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As value-based care delivery models become a high priority, population health management and risk stratification are becoming more important than ever. Problem is, it’s virtually impossible to understand your patient population without accurate data and documentation—an important part of the equation that’s often complicated by cumbersome technology and tools. This can become a huge hindrance for Medicare, Medicaid, accountable care organizations and other payers that lack access to the “front line.”


  • Places real-time medical documentation in the hands of highly-skilled medical scribes
  • Ensures documentation is completed to the level of service provided, greatly decreasing instances of over- and under-billing


  • Enhances the patient experience for better outcomes and access to care—all of which can significantly improve Star Ratings
  • Increases patient satisfaction in ways that directly help decrease the total cost of care
  • Creates new and meaningful access points for managing patient populations


  • Provides real-time assurance of proper documentation and data entry to reduce denial management tasks and ensure payments are made only for care received
  • Connects medical scribes to medical coders in real time, allowing interventions and triggered actions, as needed, as actual patient encounters are documented
  • Provides reporting capabilities for benchmarking and predictive analysis of patient behavior, outcomes and common pathways

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