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AI that “Spekes” Your Language

Speke is the personal documentation assistant that helps providers shift away from the computer and back to the bedside. With AI-empowered documentation – supported by the nation’s leader in medical scribes – providers can once again deliver personalized patient care.

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Speke is Designed for You

Today's providers are spend far less time with their patients, and more time behind the computer. Speke puts providers back at the bedside with a solution tailored to their unique needs. With Speke, natural conversations with patients are transformed into accurate notes through a documentation assistant built by experts in machine learning, and supported by highly skilled medical scribes.
Speke is available directly on your mobile phone, on an easy to use, portable platform for hassle-free documentation. It works seamlessly in the background while you carry on a natural conversation with your patients – no cumbersome prompts or keywords are needed.

Why Speke?

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Speke is a robust documentation assistant that utilizes machine learning to deliver accurate and efficient documentation. Backed by the clinical expertise from the nation’s leading documentation specialists, all you have to do is Speke up, and we’ll handle the rest!
Save Time: Speke frees you from time-consuming documentation so you can spend more time with your patients.
Convenience: Speke is available on your mobile phone – a convenient, portable solution that goes wherever you go.
Cost Effective: With Speke, improve documentation for fast and accurate reimbursement.

Rapid Deployment: Your Speke program can be up and running quickly.

How it Works

Speke works seamlessly by combining machine learning technology with nearly two decades of documentation expertise to optimize the speed and accuracy of your EHR input. Speke improves quality and efficiency through a seamless, easy to use platform:

Portable Platform
Portable Platform
Speke is easily accessed on your mobile device, offering an easy to use portable platform to seamlessly document your patient encounters.
Natural Language
Natural Language
Speke utilizes speech-to-text and natural language processing to parse important information. Simply carry on a normal conversation with your patients and Speke does the rest.
Speke is designed with simplicity in mind. Since Speke is EHR agnostic, providers simply need to review and sign off within the EHR once the documentation is complete.