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Ushering in a New Era of Healthcare, One Patient Experience at a Time

CareThrough is the 360° care management solution for improving quality of care, patient engagement and financial outcomes. Our highly-skilled care navigation coordinators work on your behalf to identify at-risk patients and improve the entire patient experience, leading to better health results and decreased costs.

In other words: We handle all the tedious, tiresome tasks that can hold the key to unlocking the best possible outcomes amid the many challenges of value-based healthcare. Our population health management strategies include:

  • Identification and management of at-risk patients
  • Monitoring of care gaps for closure
  • Follow-up with patients for next steps
  • Strategies for keeping referrals in-network
  • Patient alert notifications to care teams

The technology exists. But does your clinical team have the time and energy to learn it, master it and make it people-friendly? The CareThrough specialists do, and they’re skilled at leveraging high-tech solutions to produce positive patient-provider relationships.

Enhancing the Entire Patient Experience, One Encounter at a Time

For many of America’s healthcare systems today, the unfortunate reality is that most providers are being crushed under the weight of ancillary duties. Practices are struggling to meet seemingly impossible demands—everything from increased mandates to decreased reimbursements—while simultaneously working to improve the overall patient experience.

CareThrough relieves these burdens, thereby empowering physicians to practice at the tops of their medical licenses so the right care can be delivered at the right cost and time, every time. From callbacks and ongoing patient communication to follow-up scheduling and sophisticated engagement tools, CareThrough handles it all. As a result, practices are adequately prepared to deliver more efficient, effective and enduring treatments.

Best of all: Having an expert care management coordinator in your corner quickly creates ripple effects that benefit the entire practice. Decreased readmission rates, improved star ratings and reduced healthcare costs are just a few of the many advantages of working with CareThrough.


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