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Population health and interoperability made simple. Create seamless work-flows, where care teams work top-of-license to drive provider productivity and improved patient care.

Innovative Healthcare Payment Solutions

As care delivery models become a high priority, population health management and risk stratification are becoming more important than ever. Problem is, it’s virtually impossible to understand your patient population without accurate data and documentation—an important part of the equation that’s often complicated by cumbersome technology and tools.
This can become a huge hindrance for Medicare, Medicaid, accountable care organizations and other payers that lack access to the “front line.” At HealthChannels, we maximize the opportunity to streamline care and promote the development of long-term revenue cycle management strategies with tailored programs and solutions.
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At HealthChannels we are dedicated to providing insights and innovative strategies that build top-performing care teams.
  • Places real-time medical documentation in the hands of highly-skilled medical scribes
  • Ensures documentation is completed to the level of service provided, greatly decreasing instances of over- and under-billing