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Enhance Your Revenue Cycle

When front-office administrative staff document patient encounters, and then send the information to back-office personnel for coding and billing, sometimes things go smoothly. All too often important processes are delayed by downcoded or overdue charts, outdated spreadsheets, a lack of software integrations.

RCM solutions to speed reimbursement

Don't let outdated systems prevent providers from closing care gaps and linking healthcare claims to actual, real-time healthcare. As if the transition to value-based care wasn’t challenging enough, providers are now faced with the seemingly impossible task of remaining productive and profitable in an environment that’s riddled with constantly-changing demands.
If this sounds familiar, HealthChannels offers a way out of the chaos. With experts to reduce RCM complexity, combined with our full suite of revolutionary solutions—offered through ScribeAmerica, CareThrough, and SoundLines—streamline disparate processes into workflows that optimize revenue cycle management like never before.
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  • Dramatically improves completion and closure chart rates by equipping physicians with highly-skilled medical documentation experts
  • Helps providers experience significant case mix index (CMI) increases through timely, accurate electronic medical records
  • Supports clinical documentation improvement (CDI) team operations by providing faster access to more thorough patient documentation