Solutions Overview

Physicians everywhere are straining under the weight of ancillary duties. From exam room EMRs to back-office coding, each critical area of healthcare involves highly-skilled specialists who are bearing the burdens of data and documentation—instead of performing at the tops of their medical licenses. Through three distinct channels—ScribeAmerica, QueueLogix and CareThrough—HealthChannels is transforming the entire experience for providers across America.

For Healthcare Systems
Improve clinical outcomes with highly-skilled clerical support.

For Payers
Get a direct link to providers and patients.

For Remote Practices
Specialized solutions for providers limited by size or location.

Improving the Patient Experience
Increase engagement and lower costs with skilled patient navigators.

Reducing Cost of Care
Free physicians to provide the highest quality of care possible while lowering costs.

Enhancing Revenue Cycles
Revolutionary solutions make it easier than ever to maximize revenue cycles.

Optimizing the Workforce
Make your practice as productive and profitable as possible.